Daniel Romero




I started my career as a sysadmin, and I worked for several years configuring and maintaining bare-metal Linux servers. Then I've closely followed the arrival of virtualization in servers and later the containerization process.

Over the years, I acquired new skills to work as a software engineer starting with PHP and Java, and then Ruby. I also worked with pentest for a few years, focused on web application security.

I've kept myself updated and embraced the DevOps culture, working later with Terraform, Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes. Currently, I can comfortably work with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

In my most recent journey, I'm exploring Data Science and Machine Learning.

Check out these projects and see what I've learned:


Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer at Henku


I worked to improve the data quality and helped with the automation of ML model training as well as the observability of the models. I participated in projects developing Machine Learning models to solve classification and regression problems with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow.

With the data science team, I applied and generalized statistical models to large datasets with Python, Scikit-Learn, and a lot of SQL.

Other activities I got involved in were: Construction of production pipelines for ML using Airflow, Kubeflow, and SageMaker (implementing continuous training).

Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Elastic


I provided a low latency response to incidents and service instability at many cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) on the cloud team. Besides, I contributed to the tools, automation, and system engineering efforts using Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Python, and Golang.

DevOps Engineer at Loom Network


I worked helping to create and maintain a scalable infrastructure for Blockchain and DAppChains with Docker, Kubernetes, and Ansible.

Site Reliability Engineer at AppProva


I was responsible for designing and migrating the top Ruby on Rails applications that were previously on AWS to Google Cloud, using Docker and Kubernetes. During the migration, I had the opportunity to work with eBPF for the first time and apply performance tests for some applications.

The automatic deploy pipeline that did not exist before was implemented using Codeship and Google Cloud Build. As a result of this work, it was possible to guarantee an immutable and scalable infrastructure.

Site Reliability Engineer at CloudWalk, Inc.


I had the opportunity to work with Golang for the first time. I've solved some issues related to bugs in production from the main application (a payment gateway).

Most of the work was focused on resolving scalability issues with Docker and CoreOS on AWS.

I participated in the implementation of the entire PCI-DSS 3.0 process implementing some of the requirements with the team.

DevOps Engineer at Enjoei ;P


One of the main challenges I had was to implement a new deploy pipeline for the production environment. I did the API migration that was previously in the AWS Beanstalk environment to Docker with Kubernetes.

Later I migrated the same API from Amazon to Google Cloud with GKE.

Another work I did was related to the performance of the main application when migrating to Kubernetes and doing the tunning work in ElasticSearch impacted the reduction of infrastructure costs.

Security Consultant at Initsec


I did a lot of consulting in cases where the focus was on finding vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails applications (penetration testing).

I also worked as a DevOps Engineer planning infrastructure and migration between cloud providers using Ansible and Docker.

Software Engineer at Pagapramim


I had the opportunity to participate by contributing to the decision making related to the design of the application (an online lending and payment system) and the infrastructure project.

During the development process, I worked with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and AWS.

Software Developer at IntegraGRP


I worked as a software developer using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.

I have had the pleasure of working on a remote team with more than 30 developers and applying the practices of TDD and Continuous Integration.

Web Developer at Portal AZ

Teresina, BR

I worked as a full-stack developer using PHP, MySQL, and jQuery.

Another assignment was to administer the Linux servers where I was responsible for migrating from a traditional hosting system to Cloud.

Sysadmin at Emgerpi

Teresina, BR

I worked with Linux server administration and intranet networking, implementing security policies and access control using Squid and Iptables.





Teresina, BR
Systems for Internet - Degree Course